Make Me Over

17 bulan lalu

The title of this blog pretty much sums up the content of this blog, but this series is going to feature dolls on Stardoll which I'll talk to, visit and then change their look and suite.

Without further ado, I will introduce Bakingqueen2. The already stunning doll is interested in baking and dancing while being an avid reader. She’s on Stardoll almost every day and in that time she's noticed that hacking is quite prominent (she's even been hacked three times herself). Thus, in her sweet nature, she wanted to give back to the community by helping those who have been hacked.


In a makeover, there is usually a distinct difference before and after, but Bakingqueen2 and her suite are beautiful in both, just different. I paired back the glitz for a more natural, smooth and matte skin and hair. She also only had one very green eyeshadow which I toned down with a little blue on the lower lid and brown eyeliner.


For the suite, as befitting of Bakingqueen2, I did the kitchen. She had so many beautiful pink utensils and so I wanted to match the floor. This meant I needed new walls but I only had 2 grey tiles so I used a lot of flowers for a makeshift wallpaper/wall. Now, that's what I call inside-outside flow.

Who should be next?

- Snerfy

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