What I have learned from MSW

12 bulan lalu

Hi dollies!


Today's post reflects on this years MSW and how it has affected me, others and the game.

Each year I have learned that this competition grows and grows, just like our stardoll communtity. I always make friends around this time and we generally share our opinions.


I have learnt that just having a popular doll doesn't count. There were so many dolls this year who tend to have visitors all the time, yet they didn't make it to the final.


Being original, having a passion for the game, being kind and generous comes a long way. When I campaigned, I always sent each doll a unqiue message, thier responses were always lovely and they appreciated them.


Spamming and broadcasting are just small parts of the big game. You also need to be dedicated and spend time (which I didn't have) and stay positive.


I want to congratulate all the dolls who made it to the Finals and all the best of luck to them, I can't wait to find out the winner!


Starlight x