3 reasons why this year's MSW rocks!

13 bulan lalu

Hey lovelies!

MSW- stardoll's most coveted contest has finally kicked off! The excitement is emanating from every suite on Stardoll and the environment has suddenly become very competitive!

Here I list 5 reasons why I think this year's MSW stands out from the rest!

1. The Color!

Honestly, who doesn't like a rainbow? I love this year's chosen theme color. It gives out a very vibrant and energetic vibe and it's pleasing to the eyes!
PS: If you don't like the rainbow, don't get all offended! 

2. The Gifts!

Among all the other gifts, the one I like the most is the 'vote for me' placard. Why? Because this time there aren't only 3 shades, there is one for everyone and that is what some of us have been asking for a long time. I also love the hair that we can get on purchasing sd's or ss membership.

3. This line...

"MSW is a contest for humanoid looking contestants ;) If you want to compete looking like a lion, a dragon, an elk or anything else non-human, we recommend you join our SNTA-contests!"
Last year, there was a lot of controversary around one contestant who was dressed/ was in fact: a lion!

Are you running for the title? (Btw. yes, I am!)


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