Desember 2012

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    Hello stardoll members! Today Im going to show you how to make your doll look like a punk chic. This make-over requires you to buy some make-up. You can always change up the colors to make it your own unique style. Hope you like ♥

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    Kanye West has gotten very lot of extra exposure in media lately because of his relationship with Kim Kardashian, and now people say it's hurting his on brand. "His personal life is overpowering his music", an industry source says. "Every time he plays, people are wondering if Kim is going to be there. It's not a good thing for him, especially if he wants to be taken seriously". How about you guys, what do you think? Is he starting to become Kim's shadow?

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    Stardoll has recently released a wide range of various perfumes by famous designers. You can find all at Perfumes are essential to us as they define us in some way, the way we smell and ourselves too. There are lots of different kinds of perfume and in this topic I will be describing each kind.

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    Tom Cruise got divorced from Katie Holmes earlier this year and even since we haven't heard much about any new romances - until now. During Tom Cruise's visit in Stockholm, where he attended the Swedish premiere of his latest movie, he was cozying it up with Malin Akerman's younger sister Jennfer Akerman! "They already knew each other from Malin being in Rock Of Ages so they didn't need much of an introduction. Even though Tom was working the room, once they got chatting they were locked in". "They seemed very natural in each other's company for most of the night and at the afterparty. Then all of a sudden they were gone...". Many eyewitness recalls seeing the two of them leaving the club together, and it's said that they even spent the night together. Curious....

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    As you probably all know by now, the Stardoll Academy is up and running. Basically the Stardoll Academy lets you complete projects in order to get free items, starcoins and even stardollars!

     Free items and currency for completing projects!

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    It's almost the end of december and the winter holidays are coming! Maybe for some of you they already started, but here they didn't start yet.

    Well, what will you do in the holidays? Will you stay home? Will you go skiing or what will you do ? 


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    One Direction is really one of our time's biggest boy bands, and we really dig them. Right now they're working on their new video to the song 'Kiss Me', that will be released in early January. Just the other day the guys released a short sneek peak from the upcoming music video and it looks HOT! You can see them all strip down and stand shirtless on surfboards (woah!) and lots of other cool scenes. Check out the vid below and tell us what you think!

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    Yearbooks are the latest add on to stardoll and from what I have seen, are becoming a big success. Yearbooks, as you probably all know, consist of many 'projects' where you are told to buy, design and create certain things in order to complete the task. As a reward for completing the mini project you can stardollars, starpoints, starcoins or even clothes or objects. Some tasks also consist of you voting other members yearbooks - and others voting you. I, and many other members, will vote your yearbook if you vote mine in return. Its just a quick click, and it will hopefully get you back onto the amazing projects you were doing. My personal opinion on the yearbooks is that it may be the best idea stardoll have created since I joined. Below are some opinions from you guys:
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    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have had their problems over the fall, but not they're back on again. But, Selena is upset about Justin's new friendship - with her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas! "Justin and Nick Jonas hung out all night", says a source. "Selena was crying about it. He wouldn't even return her calls when she found out and called him up". We think Selena has nothing to worry about, and we hope they will be ok!

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    To celebrate the new perfume store in starplaza I decided to do a review on what these amazing Marc Jacobs perfumes are like in a real life! Enjoy