September 2008

  • Vicky.StardollVicky.Stardoll


    Miley Cyrus is back to work at Burbank Studios. Miley's mother Leticia Tish Cyrus and little sister Noah Lindsey Cyrus stop by and take her out for some food at Islands Burger Joint, before making a quick stop at the Post Office where she happily posed for pictures and signed autographs for her fans.

    She rocked a relaxed BoHo look, a white kurta top, low break jeans and chappal sandals with a sixties inspired art LOVE bag!

    Noah looked awfully cute in dark librarian glasses texting on her little Sidekick
  • Vicky.StardollVicky.Stardoll


    Halle Berry spends the day at Los Angeles Zoo with daughter Nahla and mother Judith.

    Nahla is now six months old and this is the first time her OscarWinning mother has shown her in public. Look at her smoky blue eyes, her casually curly locks, adorable baby pout and watch her wave to the crowd.

    Move over Hilary Swank 'cause the The Oscar for Million Dollar Baby is going to Nahla.