Agustus 2008

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    Ashley Tisdale, soon to be seen in High School Musical 3: Senior Year (have you heard of it?), heads to a pilates class (got to work on the core strength for HSM4: The Faculty Lounge) together with her personal trainer. The Tizz is gettingfit -- And this Time it's Personal

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    On the shot for her newest video Pink seemed to be in a really good mood. She tottered around on three tone heels and giggled in a forties inspired outfit - with high waisted satin shorts, a print bandeau top and a vintage black velvet hat -- sort of a cross between cloche and a helmet --- she looked about ready to bust out into a tap dance number.

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    Last week I got to visit the epicenter of the Obama campaign ...

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    Lauren Conrad is spotted having lunch in Los Angeles whilst filming for the MTV Reality hit TV show The Hills. She was wearing an orange shirt, ripped jeans and very high heels! Her friend seemed to be doing most of the talking and Lauren gave her all her attention. It seems like her girlfriend had some shocking news because Lauren looked seriously surprised at one point -- see if you can spot the shock photo below

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    Blondes Have More Son

    Kate Hudson and her son Ryder get a police escort back to their home in Greenwich Village. Kate looks stunning and both she and Ryder have that Let it fly in the breeze -- And get caught in the trees look! Lots of blonde tresses flying about

    Flow it, show it Long as I can grow it -- My hair -- Everybody in the Family Hudson can sing that song -- and all while wearing green flip flops. Kate is just so casual --and pulls it off so well.

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    Teen Choice 2008

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    Zanessa! ScarJo! MiCy! The bad good guy from Lost

    Yesterday the Teen Choice Awards 2008 were held at the Universal City Gibson Amphitheatre Yesterday the Teen Choice Awards 2008 were held at the Universal City Gibson Amphitheatre.

    All the hot celebrities were there! Zanessa! ScarJo! MiCy! JoBros! The bad good guy from Lost , Becks! LC! JoBros in triplicate

    Check 'em all out in glorious living color.