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Coming Soon: Updated Privacy Features!


Hello Dolls!


On May 25th, a new European Data Protection Law will take effect. It’s called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and you may have heard about it in the news, or received messages about it from other websites. We want to let everyone about this new law and Stardoll.

What does the law do?

This law is all about protecting your online use and your privacy. Everyone who uses the internet will benefit from this new law!

What if I am not an European citizen?

Stardoll is committed to having all users receive the same fair treatment, so the changes made will apply to everyone.

What will Stardoll do?

Stardoll will always let you know which personal data we collect, how we collect it, and how long we store it. With the new law, we will give you options to control which data we collect. Stardoll will add a feature that will allow you to download your personal data. We will also update our privacy agreement so that it is even easier to read and understand.

Be on the lookout for a message that will ask for your consent for Stardoll to access your data. Dolls under a certain age will need to ask their guardian to approve this information for them. If you choose not to give consent, you will still be able to play Stardoll but some features will be limited based on your decisions.

We are also doing internal updates that will increase the security of the site even more!

We don’t want our dolls to have to worry about anything so look for further updates (in case anything changes) and feel free to write in to us here if you have any questions.


Lisa.Stardoll and the Stardoll Staff