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Who's Heidi is Better? Who's is a Fierce Hot Mess?

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Stardoll Loves Project Runway -- how could we not it's all about fashion and Fierceness. And it's never more 'Fierce' then when Christian Siriano is toodling about throwing commentary with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. Gunnin for the Klum or Klumming for the Gunn ... in company like that Chrisitan needs to be fierce. It all gets fiercely funny when the brilliant Amy Poehler on SNL does a killer Christian imitation --in "Fierce Hot Mess Makeover Show." Heidi (well a Heidi-a-like) joins the fun ... and while I'm still laughing at the skit ... I have to say our Heidi Real Cleelbrity Doll si a little closer to the Fierce Hot Klumness -- that is Heidi! After you watch SNL's Heidi then pop over to Stardoll's Heidi Dress up ... and see if you can stay so in with your Fierce Hot Styling Makeover Choices .. that you aren't out. You are either in or out. Be in! Rememberyour mission - should you choose to accept it ... Enjoy everyone's catchphrase ... you'll be hearing them enough! Dress up Heidi (click here)