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Scent of a Blonsky

πριν 127 μήνες

  In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Nikki Blonsky … the Star of the movie Hairspray, revealed that it’s a very different type of spray or spritz that has a starring role in her daily routine. PERFUME. Ahh the smell of it. "I wear it everyday. I wear perfume no matter what season it is," the 19-year-old Golden Globe nominee enthused "I have to be wearing perfume. No matter if I'm staying at home or if I'm going out, I have to be wearing it." And what are Miss Blonsky’s must-have scents --- well it turns out she has a winning, and very specific list of which ones to wear for a variety of moods and occasions: "My favorite perfume is Escada Magnetism. I wear that on dates. Marc Jacobs Daisy I wear when it's a spring day. Vera Wang when I'm going to events. And then I wear Euphoria by Calvin Klein when I'm hanging around the house." So what is Nikki up to between bopping around to all these events, dates, seasonal days and chillout sessions—all in a glorious cloud of scent? She is getting ready for a busy summer, working on her first album. "It's going to be an interesting compilation of original songs," "It will be something people aren't expecting” Unexpected I’m sure … but I bet Blonsky fans can smell more success coming!