Etiquette: How to set the perfect table

πριν 2 μήνες

So, today we're learning how to properly set a table! The following information is MY advice.


We obviously start with the tablecloth, it can be of any color you like, but I suggest light colors, or white. One can never go wrong with white! it's also nice to set the table according to the season or a theme, if you don't really have in mind what to do. Let's say you pick a white cloth, you could always add to the center of the table two little crystal vases and add some fresh flowers (and it's always advised to have some decor on the table otherwise you risk having a boring table) arranged in a very uneven way, this way it looks as if they were pulled straight out of the garden. Or you can be more organized and arrange them evenly. You can add tall thin candles too, but make sure there is space in the CENTER and the two edges of the table to place the actual meal.

NOW, to the actual cultery and dinerware.

It is advised that you place a main course plate first and work from there. (And, if you want the plates with patterns, make sure the cloth isn't of a different pattern -- it's best when it's a single, plain color also.) Add the entrées plate, which is smaller, on top of the other. Then, if you and your guests are right-handed, place the glasses on your right. (Oh, this reminds me, colored glasses look very good with white plates for a summery table!) 

If only water is going to be served, use an average-sized glass, like the highball glass. If you want, you can get a goblet glass for the water and a balloon wine glass for the white wine or white light drinks, and a smaller (red wine glass) for, you guessed it, the red wine. But it can also be used for Coca-Cola (even though it's NOT suggested to serve it in a formal diner, since soda fills the stomach with gas and gives the illusion that you're full.)

Then: the cultery. Unless you're left-handed, place the knives on your right, with the blade facing towards the plate, this way you prevent injuring yourself. Start with the meat knife, then place the fish one, the soup spoon and the seafood fork (as seafood is often an entrée). At your left, the main course fork, the second course fork, and if salad is present as an entrée, a salad fork. The dessert spoon and fork (it's advised to place both because not everyone likes eating cake with a spoon/fork and so forth) go behind the plate. 

And now, the most relaxed element of the table: the napkin. There's no rules of where it should be placed, but I always place it under the main forks on the left, since the right is already cluttered with glasses. Or you can be as creative as to getting yourelf a napkin ring and place the napkin there and then, over the plate. At your left, just above the napkin, you may want to place a very small plate for the bread and a marmelade for each person. It's considered rude to grab others' bread and marmelade, even if they say they don't want it.

I hope you liked these little etiquette lessons! ♥

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