Runway Ready

πριν 2 μήνες

With a new collection of Runway released in the StarPlaza, I have decided to style a couple of the pieces! The collection saw a mix of textures and styles, including metallics, vinyl, rhinestones, and pastels.

For my first outfit, I chose to style the sweater. Originally a menswear piece, I love the oversized fit and mix between the casual style and glitter detail. I layered it with a white turtleneck and cycle shorts, and matched the sweater with the metallic boots. To complete the outfit, I chose some statement hoops and a silver handbag. For my next outfit, I styled the shorts with a cropped shirt for an update on a classic tailored look and added a rhinestone choker to match the shorts. To complete the outfit, I chose a blazer (you could go for one draped over the shoulders) and pumps. 

For my next outfits, I chose to style some of the accessories from the release. The first being this statement pearl earring. The earring is a perfect match with this blazer and box handbag which are covered in pearls. Keeping the rest of the outfit minimal, I chose a classic white shirt, pumps, and a beret. I then styled the belt with this asymmetrical dress, the rhinestone detail matching the belt perfectly. I accessorized with some simple heels, a mini handbag and headband.


For my next outfit, I chose these slouchy boots with neon toe detail. I styled the boots with the Off-White blazer and Balmain handbag, both working perfectly with the neon detailing. For my final outfit, I restyled the shorts, this time going for a more casual style. I paired them with a sporty t-shirt, canvas belt, and Triple-S sneakers, and a mini silver pouch clipped to the belt loops.

Thank you for reading!