Inspired by Vivienne Westwood

πριν 20 μήνες

Hello, dolls! 

Today's makeup look takes inspiration from Day Three of Paris Fashion Week, particularly in regards to Vivienne Westwood. The makeup from her runway show focused particularly on bold eyeshadow with a lip that is almost matching, as well as dark inner-eyes. Burgundy and red were popular choices, which I have tried to take into account when creating my own version of the look. 

Eyes: Select a colourful eyeliner, and extend a wing on the inner and outer corners are large as possible. This looks particularly effective if you choose a shade brighter than your eyeshadow. The eyeshadow shade should somewhat match, but be darker than the liner. I selected a burgundy to complement the liner whilst still allowing it to be seen. Colour the eyelid, and then add a beige to the outer sections of the lid to have a darker inner corner. 

Lips: Choose a shade very similar to the liner. If you have a matching set, use a darker lip such as a brown or black underneath to have a slight colour variation. If you desire, line the lips with a slightly darker shade. 

 Face: Keep the face fresh. Forgo contour, and add only a small amount of natural-looking blush. Highlight is optional, but not altogether encouraged. The main focus of this look is the eyes and the lips as a compliment to them. 

 Whilst runway beauty trends may be a little bold for everyday life, they can be recreated and altered in a myriad of ways to create makeup looks appropriate for any occasion, day or night. I hope you enjoyed my take on Vivienne Westwood's Paris Fashion Week makeup look! 

 Lauren xox
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