My Stardoll BFF <3

πριν 20 μήνες


Hey lovelies!

Today, you are going to read a post about something that is very special to me. Today, I am going to tell you about a unique friendship that I share with a doll named JulietteSargue.

Our first meeting was a chance encounter. Now when I say 'meeting' that doesn't mean that I actually met her, you can say that it was a virtual meet! I was on a Stardoll- related blogging site and was looking for some help regarding some work. I was offered help by her, and that's how this beautiful journey began.

We got to know each other and discovered that we share many things in common. We have almost the same likes and dislikes and similar struggles (not exactly the same, though!). One thing that I believe stands out in this friendship is that we are not of the same age group, but we understand each other fairly easily.

There are numerous things that I have learned from her. The most prominent one is to always be optimistic. To see through all the dark in life and to be able to figure out that distant light of hope. I met her at a time when I needed someone understanding and thankfully, I found her. It seems both strange and lovely to me that sometimes you find help in the strangest of places!

If it wasn't for Stardoll, we would have never met, so, thank you Stardoll for existing and thank you Juliette for being a very good friend, a best friend, forever!

Do you have a Stardoll BFF? Tell them how much you love them in the comments!


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