A Different Speed

πριν 20 μήνες

Hello, dolls!  

Today's post is a little different, so please take the time to read through. In the image attached, you can see a doll that is very heavily made up. False lashes, big eye shadow, bold lips, and a bombshell blowout. In real life, this look would take hours to create, and would also involve a significant amount of money. 
However, in recent times, many men and women who wear makeup are attacked online or in real life for wearing makeup. They are branded as 'fake' and made to feel guilty for expressing themselves in an art that they both enjoy and excel at. This is known as makeup shaming and is a form of bullying. 

With the 'no makeup' or 'natural' selfie movement becoming popular, many people who choose to wear their makeup are abused for their choice, and for not embracing their natural selves. What I believe many people need to understand about makeup is that it is in no way about hiding yourself. It's about being more confident in yourself, creative in your looks, and overall, simply is about fun. Makeup makes me feel more confident, and I'm not afraid to say so. There's nothing wrong with embracing both the natural and made up sides of yourself, and no one should be bullied for doing so. 

Bullying is a very, very serious issue, one that is, unfortunately, becoming more prevalent on Stardoll. Just like makeup, Stardoll is a platform to share creativity - and no one should ever be made to feel victimised for being and expressing themselves. In comments, discussions, and real life - bullying is not acceptable. I know that we've heard the messages about bullying so much that they all seem the same, but nevertheless, it is an important message to her. 

 Spread positivity, not hate. 

 Lauren xox
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