Quality Over Quantity

πριν 29 μήνες

Hey dolls.

Chances are, you're all familiar with the saying "quality over quantity", but do you know how that phrase can affect your life?

The truth is, that phrase is easier said than done. Sometimes, we would rather go the easy route instead of putting in hard work.; whether that's friendships, our belongings, or (school) work. Although putting in elbow grease isn't necessarily enjoyable, the results are well worth it.

If you spend time and care to put work into something, the outcome is better than if you just slapped something together and called it a day. Think, if you actually take out time to work on a relationship, pile of dreaded schoolwork, or even a junk drawer in your desk you could feel refreshed, and it will be a sweet moment realizing how your hard work pays off.

Having a few really close friends, a small yet quality wardrobe, or just owning things that truly make you happy will uplift you. Be light, be fresh, be carefree. 


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