Dollie of the week

πριν 41 μήνες

Hi dollies!

Ive decided to start a new type of blog posts called "Dollie of the week!" I will be picking one doll each week to write about. This dollie will be picked based on their sense of style, kindness to others and wow factor! If you want to be my next dollie of the week then try to get yourself noticed but just be yourself so I can tell that you are a true fashionista! To start the dollie of the week off is... royal-princess_ !


I love this dollies style. Its clear that she's tried really hard with her doll and I love how she has styled her outfit. The oversized jacket looks great with the black ripped jeans and adds a bit of a grunge style to her great suite! If you go and check her out I highly suggest looking at her beauty parlour as it is amazing! She is also a very kind doll to everyone on the site!

I hope you look forward to my next post! Bye for now, Polarbear09 Xx

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