Airport/traveling bag essentials!

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Bonjour Dollies,

Summer is almost over, and I know a lot of people are going on vacation soon! I thought it would be fun to share my airport/traveling bag essentials! This bag has everything I need when I travel!

Tote Bag: I like to carry a large bag to carry all my essentials

iphone: This is one of the most important things I bring when traveling! Listening to music really passes the time on a long trip. I also like to take selfies when I am traveling (LOL), and play with my new favorite app Candy Crush Saga!

Comfy Headphones: I find my own headphones really comfy, so their great to listen to music with!

Oil Blotting wipes: After a long trip, these wipes help me feel refreshed and ready to start my vacation!

Magazines: Magazines are a must for me on a long trip! Its fun to flip through them and see whats trendy etc.! My faves are Seventeen and Glamour!

Granola Bar: A healthy, satisfying snack is always good to take!

Notebook and pen: I love to doodle or write down my thoughts, and I usually doodle the most on plane rides.

Chapstick: My lips are ALWAYS chapped, so bringing Chapstick is a must!

 I hope this is just a fun article to give you tips on when you pack your traveling bag! TELL ME what your traveling essentials are in the comments! Also tell me your DREAM VACATION! 

          Happy Traveling,


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