Day to Night Outfits - Summer Edition


Hey dollies! Today I am going to show you how to transfer your day outfits to night outfits using 1 - 2 items. Just by adding or taking away pieces in your outfit, the whole look changes. Here are 2 helpful examples:


DAY                                         NIGHT

When you're on the go during the summer, you'll probably decide on an outfit which consists of a tank top, capris, heels, and a small clutch for the day. After a long day, it's time for dinner, so you'll impress your friends by dressing up your look with a blazer, a larger bag, and more accessories.


DAY                                         NIGHT

Whether you're at the beach all day or for half of the day, you still have to dress according to the weather. During the day, it tends to be hot, so you'll just want to throw on a bikini and you'll simply be good to go. But then, nighttime comes and it becomes a little breezy, so your best choice is to throw on a long cardigan (shown above) or a crop top, and slip on some flip flops for an effortless but stylish look.


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Daniella ♥

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