Double Designer


When items are designed they are meant to be one of the following: practical, mass-produced or truly unique and revolutionary. Of course, this is in theory, and most designs do not strike mass outrage and/or love (clear-knee mom jeans and crocks are an exception), but they all are statement pieces that speak for themselves.

Naturally, I decided to take these solo pieces and try put them together. What could possibly go wrong? 


For your, and my eyes safety, I decided that I should start out with the more subtle end of statement pieces. In the left outfit, each of the three stand out pieces connected not by one colour, but by two. The navy in the jacket closely matched the heels which meant I could use the red tone from the shoes in the bag. Similarly, in the right outfit, what connects the looks is textures and blocked colours (not cheese, although I did give those shoes a double take).

The first outfit you may think 'what are the statements?' The shapes of the clothes are very prominent which makes them hard to pair. Quite simply, the jumper and jeans balance each other and the pointed shoes elongate the look. And then the last outfit. It's quite obvious that there are two very detailed and patterned pieces. Usually, a sane person would pair them separately and with plainer pieces, except I find there is an eclectic comfort in them together.

What are the weirdest pieces you've successfully paired?

- Snerfy