New B-egg-innings Diary Contest

New B-egg-innings Diary Contest

Hey Dolls!


Easter is more than just a holiday; it is a time for change and growth. It is a time we can look at ourselves and the world, and see how we have grown, or what we need to do to become a better version of ourselves, like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.


Are you in the process of a big change? About to embark on a new journey? Or happy and peaceful now after a great upheaval recently? Write about your butterfly moments! What new and inspiring things are you celebrating this Easter?


The ten Diary entries that are egg-ceptionally Easterific will receive 30 Stardollars!


-Write up to 1000 characters on the above-mentioned topic in the box below by April 3

-Make sure your writing is your own and is original.

-Have fun!

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