What is a Superstar?

What is a Superstar?

As a Superstar you will enjoy:

  • A premium package of Stardollars.
  • StarBazaar: Sell your clothes, designs and other items at your own store, the StarBazaar.
  • More rooms for your Superstar Suite
  • 50% Superstar Sales are just for you. Stretch those Stardollars even further.
  • Early access to all New Stardolls
  • Up to 100 pages in your Superstar Album
  • A golden frame around your Avatar and a highly ranked search profile
  • A Superstar can create Parties!
  • A Superstar badge on your Avastar and nickname
  • Special high-end items from Real Brands and our own designs are kept in reserve especially for you
  • Be the first to enjoy all our upcoming singular Superstar features now in development.

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