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Hello dolls:)
I'm  fairly new here  however I've observed the generosity displayed by the site and I think that star doll gets an A+in the area of knowing how to reward it's members. Within this year alone we've received countless free items via contests, joining sponsored clubs, Holiday giveaways, the gift-o-meter etc. Then there's the star coin feature this is amazing because it gives us two ways to shop. Here are some looks that I've put together with the use of Free giveaways and star coin items. Please take a look you never know you might get inspired to do your own star coin/free item look.

Top:0 star coins

Skirt: 0 star coins

Shoes: 0 star coins

Clutch: 0 star coins



Top: Wild Candy=123 star coins

Bathing suit: 0 star coins

Tights:  0 star coins

Skirt:  0 star coins

Pumps: Voile=50 star coins

Total for this classic look is= 173 star coins


Total for this look =201 star coins (earrings not included)


Thank you to Oo.Ashley.oO and SelenaSporty21 for modeling your awesome looks.

Although some giveaways displayed here may not be available any more there is always opportunity to enter contests which may result in a free item given to those that enter and of course star doll is always giving us wonderful surprises . Continue to be a dedicated , rule abiding member and you will reap the benefits.


Thank you all for reading

Stay sweet


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