El Salvador in the Fashion Spotlight

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Today the Glam Cam is focusing on El Salvador, a small country in Central America.  When we think Latin style, bright colors and fun prints come to mind, but is that what the people really wear?    I interviewed jeimy89 and learned a lot about her style. 

Lizzy:  Tell me about style in El Salvador.

Jazmine (jeimy89):  People wear what they find cute. We do not have a specific style.  Most people like skinny jeans, flats, cardigans, and graphic tees are a must have.

Lizzy: Wow! That sounds a lot like people here in the US.  I guess fashion knows no boundaries. 

Jazmine:   True, following the trends isn’t always the best option.  Wear what you like not matter what.

Lizzy:  That’s very good advice!

Many times, we have an idea in our head of what style is like in an area.   As you can see, it is often more similar than you would think.  It just goes to show that we have a lot in common even though we may live far away from each other. 


Jazmine shows us her suite.


Photos:   www.stardoll.com, jeimy89

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