18 ay önce

The ombre trend, although old, is still a relevant and beautiful way to do hair, eyeshadow and nails.

But, what about eyebrows?

My thoughts exactly. Before I continue with a little tutorial, I thought I'd do some research* on the ombre trend. Ombré, as translated from French, literally means faded and has been about since 1840. I'm sure that even before then people's clothes and hair faded, but I doubt it was seen as beautiful - more like sun damage.

With our access to dyes, paints, pigments and Stardoll eyebrow pencils, our options are almost unlimited. Hence, why I found myself making this tutorial. 

The first order of business is to get your darkest colour on the outside, then progressively lighter as you go in. Yes, it is okay if you're eyebrow looks like it has little shoebox-shaped squares.


Next go over with your main eyebrow colour! It's as simple as one, two... exactly! Only two steps to ombrows. 

- Snerfy

*The use of the term research is pretty loose, I just googled terms to make this blog more educational and to give me reasons to look at pretty ombre pictures.
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