Designer Spotlight: singingmermaid

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Above is a photo of only a few of incredible designs from the very lovely,
talented and popular singingmermaid


A dedicated member since 2006 and very talented, singingmermaid's designs have been popular all over Stardoll since she first began designing. Personally, I love how spot-on they are compared to the real-life versions.

For example, look at her Breakfast At Tiffany's image, which is a personal favorite of mine from her (the black and white photo on the bottom left). If you looked up that photo of Audrey Hepburn, you'll see the uncanny likeness.

Her designs are available in her starbazaar. She always has some for sale, and they are always affordable. Keeping in mind that her designs are popular and have been for quite some time, you may have to ask her to put something up for sale. Her starbazaar sells out quite fast.

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"The inspiration for my designs comes mainly from fashion icons that we all recognize. My two favourites are probably, the Audrey Hepburn print and the famous David Bowie image. A lot of people request certain designs like twilight or Justin Bieber, so I do my best to make the most popular ones. I’m working on a few amazing new prints at the moment! Each design takes between 20-30 min, but I only design for a couple of days each week. I think the design feature is what I love most about Stardoll, it lets us create our own style, the way we want it!" - singingmermaid

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