The Glam Cam Goes to South Africa

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Today’s spotlight on fashion focuses on South Africa.  I interviewed kokoBeRRie, otherwise known as Kat.  She has been South Africa’s National Covergirl, and clearly knows fashion.  She navigates her way through bold colors and prints to find a truly original style. 

Lizzy:  How would you describe style in South Africa?

Kat:  Lots of prints and different fabrics!  If you look at a typical African clothing market, you’ll see a lot of shapes, squares, circles, and animal prints in neutral colors.

Lizzy:  What two items should every South African girl have?

Kat:   Well, big designer sunglasses and wedge shoes.  Fashion comes from the heart.  Wear what makes you feel beautiful and special, not what magazines tell you to wear.

Lizzy:  What is fashionable in South Africa?

Kat:  South Africans dress very casual, but if you really want to get into the African vibe, wear a dress with A LOT of messy bold prints, wear your hair loose, big earrings, and a nice flat pair of sandals!

Lizzy:  Most of us have never been to South Africa.  Can you describe it for us?

Kat:   South Africa is amazing! You will see the big beautiful blue ocean, the highest mountains, and everything is green!  In the city though, you will see a lot of designer stores.

Lizzy:  Wow!  The best of both worlds, natural areas and good shopping!  Thank you so much for the interview!  South Africa sounds like a place I want to visit.

For a personal glimpse into Kat’s style check out the picture below:



kokoBeRRie shows me her South African style. 

Photos from:  www.stardoll.com, kokoBeRRie, and dizzylizzylou

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