Crush of the Week: Kristoffer Paloha

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Photo: Getty

The promo ads for the new CW series Ringer have got us pumped for the suspenseful show: Sarah Michele Gellar stars as Bridget, a woman on the run who takes over the identity of her identical twin sister Siobhan. The only thing is, well, they don’t focus enough on what just might be the show’s biggest asset: Kristoffer Paloha. Kristoffer plays Henry, the husband of Siobhan’s best friend, who just might be having an affair with her. We’re not quite sure yet- we’ll have to watch to find out- but what we do know is the more on-screen time for oh-so-good-lookin’ Kristoffer, the better. Tall, dark and handsome Kristoffer got his start acting ten years ago, and had roles in a number of TV shows, including Life Unexpected and the canceled-way-too-early sci-fi program Tru Calling. During that time, he settled down with his wife and had three sons: Jude, Kristoffer Jr., and Micah. Hey, Kris, if you’re looking for a baby sitter, we would loovvee to help out! :) Kristoffer is our crush of the week because he’s a great actor and a family man to boot, and also because of his penetrating brown eyes, adorable smile, cute scruff… sigh. Check him out in Ringer, which premieres on the CW on September 13.