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Hello my favourite readers! It's been a while since my last article huh? I'm so sorry, but I'm studing a lot this year, cause I'll have an imposrtant exame in november that might get me into a good college. Anyway, I can't live without THIS! So I came here with some news and comments about the latest subjects. So, here we go:



Well I have to say that I was quite shocked when I saw Rachel McAdams walking the Red Carpet, because she is my favourite actress and also because she was stunning. The Elie Saab Couture dress was fabulous, not 'so much' but not 'invisible' at all. Cameron Diaz looked like a Hollywood DIVA (what she is), the Oscar de la Renta dress was great with the hair and red lips. Sandra Bullock was definitly my favourite for the 'best actress' award, I mean, she is awesome! And the Marchesa 'oscar' dress was fabulous, I just loved the lace. On the other hand, I can't understand how someone can wear a Valentino and Louboutins and make them look vulgar, if you know what I mean...


Well, I can't say I'm impressed because Stardoll always brings us the latest trends, but lately we got A LOT of nice clothes. Finally the always waited (since seen on spoilers) Marc Jacobs coat was released. And what to say about the amazing collection of the forever-remembered Alexander McQueen that Starplaza offers? And am I wrong or I just saw an Osklen dress here? For those who don't know, Osklen is an important brazilian brand. I loved it. Ah, and btw, keep your eyes on Starplaza, something tells me that we're having the best collection of clothes soon!


There's no need to wish them anymore, the Chanel Spring 2010 tatoos are now avaible for sale! Isn't that amazing? Since I first saw it on the runway I wanted them all, didn't you? And our extreme-fashionista SJP already got hers, as we can see in her outfit at the Oscars, matching a lot of real bracelets and a Chanel Couture dress.

That's it my dears, I don't think I'll be able to publish articles so soon, but I'll try my best to do it the often I can.



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