Marcela got BACK!

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Hello my beloved readers, I missed you all so much! It's been a while since my last post but that was because I'm having some troubles in uploading images. Anyway, then my Superstar got over and I just couldn't post. Thank you so much toxxic.angel for giving me a code, you were such an angel to me!

Let's talk about fashion right? What a special week for fashion in Brazil. We had, for the 1st time, a Fashion Rocks in Latin America. The event happened in Rio de Janeiro and brought us important brands such as Versace, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Givenchy, besides the also amazing brazilian brands Lino Villaventura, Lenny, André Lima and Alexandre Herchcovitch. As for singers we had Mariah Carrey, Grace Jones, Diddy, Ciara, Estelle, Stop Play Moon, Wanessa ft Ja Rule and Daniela Mercury.

The Italian designer Donatella Versace was present and couldn't stop flattering the country and the people from here. It was her second visit to Brazil and she said we might have a Versace collection inspired by our tropical country.

Fernanda Lima was the hostess of the party, and she did such a great job. Her sympathy won all the audience and her taste for fashion amazed everyone. Between her three dresses she wore the same red Versace worn by Blake Lively on Emmys. She also confirmed Fashion Rocks Brasil 2010. For more news and pictures check out www.oifashionrocks.com.br

That's people. I'll try my best to post every week of my Superstar month. Since I'm having trouble in uploading images, and I can't post without one, I posted this image from an artist I'm a huge fan, Jordi Labanda. Visit his website www.jordilabanda.com and join the club I've made Jordi.Labanda



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