The Red Carpet Premiere of 'Star Trek': Watch the Video

för 121 månader sedan

Check out our lucky Stardoll blingjane walk on the Red Carpet (which was actually blue) as she rubbed shoulders with the stars of the new Star Trek movie!

Hear why Eric Bana (Nero) was a fan of Star Trek, how Zoe Sadana (Uhura) loved being the only female character amongst all the men on the set, and whether Zacary Qunito (Spock) prefers playing good or bad boy parts!

There's also special tips for all Stardoller's, you can find out whose first crush was on Mr Spock and why you should go and see this movie!

You did a superb job blingjane - a great start to your Movie Reporting career - and we agree with the stars ... you're going to go far girl!!


 ... Stardoll winners -- they just keep shining wherever we send them!

twinkle twinkle y'all - Callie Stardoll