Be Original

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Recently I listened to a discussion about plagiarism on public radio. Stealing someone else's ideas and passing them off as your own is a form of lying or fraud. It makes me sad when people cannot understand the difference between being inspired by someone and copying them. Or maybe they do understand the difference, but are either lazy or lack the creativity to take someone's idea and transform it into something fresh and unique.

It is part of the natural order to build on the work of others. Scientists base their research on previous studies. What enables progress is when a person takes the work of others and uses their own imagination to add something new. Respect is given by acknowledging the source of the inspiration. 

Here at Stardoll, there have been hurt feelings caused by members who copy others. We are not a formal scientific or educational community, but stealing the work of others at least should be considered bad manners. Stardoll has added it to the rules that members are forbidden to duplicate the original design of another stardoll.

Instead of copying others, let them inspire you. For example, I recently visited Lotta2000. I liked the way she depicted laundry blowing in the breeze on her pier in her suite. 


I took the idea of hanging laundry and added the idea of showcasing some of my favorite Stardesign shirts on a clothesline. 

As you can see, the rooms are different. But she inspired me to create this new room for my own purpose. Do not be afraid to take inspiration from others, but take the time to add your own thoughts and creativity so that the results are original.

Play safe and have fun.

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