The Wardrobe Diaries #3

há 7 meses

Shopping tip #2 - Try buying clothes from a single brand/store at a time.

The brand/store/boutique design their clothes in such a manner that one can always find a perfect match! Maybe the color or the design of the two pieces would be matching/similar/complementary, but something would always be there. So try shopping from one store at a time when you're out on a spree, because browsing through all clothes in all stores consumes a lot of your energy (talking from experience) and the chances to assemble a perfect outfit also reduce.

Now, coming to today's outfit - It's inspired by the season and is something that I absolutely love to wear i.e. flowy crop tops! They're just cute as can be! :p

So dollies, you can find assemble this outfit from the following stores - 

1. Floral Flowy Crop Top - Lifestyle, Global Desi (I got mine from Lifestyle, but at the SS'18 collection of Global Desi you will definitely find something like this.)

2. Black Pants - ZARA! (these pants are so inspired from ZARA, they're currently in stock, check them out!)

3. Ballerinas - Any store eg. Lifestyle.

Also, I would like to know you're ideal outfit for the summers so don't forget to mention it in the comment section dolls.

Till then,

Love. Laugh. Shop.