Would you want our fashion manager to style your doll?

Would you want our fashion manager to style your doll?

Hello Dolls-- 

The Stardoll Fashion manager is in charge of choosing all the new collections and which items are released in Starplaza. She is an expert in contemporary fashion and design. 

This week, she has a little extra time and would like to offer an exclusive opportunity: 

Our Fashion Manager at Stardoll will style three users who describe their personal style with flair and passion! 

Yep, you have heard it right! :) Our Fashion Manager at Stardoll will be styling three dolls who give us a great description of their personal style. Choosing from our vast catalog of items, she will give you a fashion makeover that will appear on your doll! All of the items she chooses for you will be yours to KEEP! 

Here is all you have to do:

In the space below, tell us about your fashion sense and briefly explain how you style your Doll or how you would like to dress her/him! 

Do you like classy or sporty? What shades of colors are your favorite when it comes to clothing? Do you like to use accessories? If so, what kind? 

For example, Callie loves pink shades, designer handbags, and designers from Paris. The essential pieces in her wardrobe are basic t-shirts, sporty jeans and romantic floral dresses! 

You have until the 3rd of August to submit your description. 

How exciting! We can’t wait to hear which fashions inspire you! 

Good luck, Dolls!