Snowy Quiz: Do you know what those little white fluttering things are?

Snowy Quiz: Do you know what those little white fluttering things are?

Did you know that at least 12 countries are snowy at this time? 

Maybe in your country the sun shines, it's summer and the beach is your best friend, but the world is huge and diverse! Even if you're used to snow, it's always amazing to see those little pieces of sky fall on our heads.

Snow is a difficult phenomenon to explain that enchants parents and children. Why? You can play with your friends to throw snowballs, build a small snowman, enjoy the crisp air, or spend an evening watching snow fall from your window inside your warm and cozy home.

Today, we want you to prove your knowledge about snow. Would you be able to answer all our questions correctly? You must be prepared to be freezing! If you guess all the correct answers, you could be one of the three winners of one Holiday Pack, and you will choose which one you want to take to you Suite!

Holiday Pack 1: Snow Topped Christmas Tree + After Christmas Dinner + Christmas Gift Boxes Set

Holiday Pack 2: Snow Topped Christmas Tree + Stuck In My Chimney + Presents Set
Holiday Pack 3: Snow Topped Christmas Tree + Christmas Family Stockings + Christmas Cake
Note: Submit your Quiz to the contest before December 26th. 

Do you accept the challenge?
We are waiting you! ;)

PD: If this time you are not one of the three winners, you can buy all this fancy Holidays items HERE!

Photo: xaxuen