Novel Writing November

Novel Writing November

Hey Dolls!

Do you love to read or write? November is the official Novel Writing Month and many writers all over the world take part in the celebration of creating and sharing the written word!  

Do you have a favorite book to read? Or perhaps you have a novel, blog, or poem you’d like to write?

This week’s Tuesday Competition is all about celebrating language and the way we communicate with each other. We are in love with charley24-’s lovely library themed suite. It looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book!    

Write a short diary entry about your favorite book, artist, poet, or writer. Or, if you are feeling extra inspired, write about your own experiences with writing, share a poem, or tell us the plot of a story you want to create!

We can’t wait to read your posts and to celebrate this special month! Six winners will win a prize of 25 Stardollars to help fund their next adventure!

The Rules:

-Use the box below to write your diary entry

-Submit your diary by November 21

Good luck dolls, and happy Novel Writing November!