Summer essentials

63개월 전

Summer is here, and so are the dazzling new trends! Here are some examples of my summer essentials. Enjoy!

Bright shorts. Shorts should be the first piece of clothing that pops into your mind when you think of summer. They have been the summer essential for years, but each year coming out with a new style of shorts.


Girly playsuits. Jumpsuits come in all different lengths, styles and colours but my favourites are the playsuits. They look can look feminine or edgy if you wear them with the right things. In summer, they are perfect to wear for parties, or a day out on the beach. Below I'm wearing a playsuit from PPQ. I tried to wear it with a summer party style. What do you think?

Elegant dresses. Dresses look beautiful all year round but I see summer as an oppertunity to wear them as much as I can. Dresses come in all different styles but my favourite is definately the maxi dress. Below is a dress from stardoll and the city, although any dress similar will look fab! Add some jewellery and you're ready to go!

Thankyou for reading!

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