The StarDoll Bullying Campaign

64개월 전

We all know this topic is very serious whether it was real life or on the internet. We can't do anything big yet, but if we put our hands together - We can stop Cyberbullying on here.

What we can do:-

1- Spread nice comments around StarDoll and befriend everyone:  remember there's a person behind that doll with feelings, and you might make their day by even posting 'Hi :)' on their GB because smiling always works

2-Report any CyberBullies: Reporting will not only make the bully disappear, it will also mean you saved someone's life - Many Teenagers were victims of bullying. help us to end that.

3-Don't think it's cool to be mean: "Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words will never hurt me?" Don't buy that. words hurt more than sticks - they make a person insecure and depressed

4- Don't make hate accounts: I've seen those alot. please - if you have something nice to say - say it or don't say anything at all.

5- Join the Campaign: Just do all of the above plus, Use your presentation to promote this topic. Remind everyone that everyone has feelings. they should think before they act, imagine if you were cyberbullied..how would YOU feel?

6- We can also: Wear what you want on 1st of July. Something you wouldn't wear because your friends would say it's 'not cool' or 'not stylish' Be who you are. Spread love and help us make StarDoll the best anti-cyberbullying website ever. and if a bully leaves you a comment .well..

Read, Ignore, Block, Report, Delete and Spread Love.

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