Bindi's and Head Decoration

65개월 전

Lately I have noticed Stardoll have been starting to sell a variety of head decorations from Indian and Hindu origin so decided to let you all know a little more about head decoration and the traditional Bindi.

A bindi is a small red dot placed in the middle of the 2 eyes and on the forehead, it is originally worn by married Hindu women but over time this has changed and it is often worn by numerous people for a variety of different reasons. One way in which the bindi has changed is that it is often now sold in jewellery type form and in a selection of beautiful stick-on colours and shapes, most of these modern bindis don't have any specific meaning and are often purely worn for decorative purposes but all the same I think that they are simply stunning.

The bindi symbolises the 6th Third Eye Chakra, interlect, beauty, concentration, spirituality and also is used to help people focus during meditation

Although the bindi was traditionally worn by Hindu's, a bindi can be worn by people of any culture or background as long as the origins and meanings behind the bindi are remembered and respected. Bindis have also been extended to forehead decorations embroided with chains and covered in jewels as you may have seen on Stardoll lately, these decorations are often worn during religious ceremonies, weddings and are used simply to enhance beauty.

I love them and think they are beautiful and exquisite although they aren't to everybodies taste. Here is a photo of my medoll in my new Middle Eastern and Asian inspired room wearing some head decorations.

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