Top 3 Buys: SC Bags

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Hey, so this post is all about my favourite 3 StarCoin bags available in the StarPlaza right now! As I've said, these are my favourites, but they don't have to be your favourites too :)

1. Pearl Faux Fur Handbag - 61SC's, Voile. This has just been released fairly recently, and is a perfect addition to your stardoll wardrobe. Faux fur is incredibly on trend, and in my opinion, goes with almost anything! The chain is also good, almost giving it a Chanel-style feel. My favourite item to wear it with would be a Little Black Dress and some heels.

2. Sienna Fringe Purse - 55SC's, Tingeling. Again this is another fairly new addition to the StarPlaza, and is also fabulously on trend with its fringing! Fringing is one of my favourite styles, so I can't wait to pair it up with something from my wardrobe. I also love it's maroon colour, it's not quite as versatile as most pieces, but I still think it's great!

3. A Rose Is A Rose Purse - 65SC's, Bizou. Out of the three, this is the most versatile bag, mainly because it's black. I also think this is the most formal piece. I love it because of it's long chain, so it can be carried in the and or over the shoulder, and the flower detail is very cute and could add detail to a simple minimalistic outfit.


That's all for now!

Love K xxx

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