Styling Wild Candy

1개월 전

Recently, we got a new drop from Wild candy. The collection didn't consist of many pieces but I loved a lot of them. Today I will style some looks.

The first item I picked up was this cherry print dress. I love dresses like this as they are so versatile. I wanted the dress to be the focal point, so I went pretty simple with everything else. I went for some trainers I think either the Balenciagas or cream sneakers would look good. I then went for a red bag to match the cherry print but the black basket bag is also a great shout. Lastly, I went for some cute sunglasses, necklaces, and frilly socks.


The next Item is this cropped white jacket. I've been waiting for a white denim jacket for ages and the fact that its an SC item is even better. I paired the jacket with these gorgeous Alexander McQueen trousers from the recent tribute collection. I then went for a simple polo shirt however any top would look cute. Then for shoes either a pair of chunky trainers or boots would look cute. For accessories, you could go for a bum bag such as the Alexander Wang one or a small '90s-inspired draw bag. Any bag would look cute with this outfit and finally an Alexander Wang belt and black sunnies.

The final item was another dress. This pink dress was so cute and such a simple piece but so much can be done with it. I decided to layer the dress with a t-shirt underneath giving it a '90s vibe which I love doing with all my dresses, tbh. Any trainer or sandal would look cute but I went for some strappy heels which adds to the '90s vibe or some pink trainers would also match. For bags, I have 2 options again with either the WC one which is super cute and an SC piece or the Louis Vuitton bag. Finally, to finish the outfit, some cute sunglasses and even though I haven't shown it some cute bracelets and rings would be a nice addition.

I hope you guys liked this post and the outfits. Also, let me know what you thought of the new collection. 

Till Next Time Saff