I am back!

1개월 전

Hello Dolls!

It has been so long since the last time I sat here trying to find the right words to express myself, but I had missed this feeling so much! 

During the time I was away, so many things changed. Not speaking about my work or anything of that kind. I have definitely changed, got to know myself better and I also got to understand more about who I am, my life and others around me. 

One of the main things I have realized is that we are indeed the masters of our own fate. We can change our lives, for the worse or better within minutes. All it takes is determination. Everything changes when we change the way we look at things. Prespective is a powerful tool that we all need to start using more.

You get new chances every second. Every breath you take is a new blank page. You don't need a new year or a new day to start over. Every moment is an opportunity.

You can do every and anything as long as you put your mind to it. I mean it. You can do anything.

Now I would love to talk more in detail about everything and my experiences but I'm leaving that for the future posts. 

much love, lia.