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Everyone is beautiful in their own way and I mean that but when we start to compare ourselves to other people, our own opinion about yourself drops. A lot of girls like to read magazines, they might be about fashion, advice, girly things, celebrities. Whatever it is, I guarantee you there will be at least one or two Photoshopped models portraying "perfect" and that becomes our definition of perfect. Someone that has been Photoshopped to look skinnier, prettier, perfect and that's not okay.  Young girls compare themselves to these photoshopped images thinking that that is what they should look like. It's not. 


How you can help?
I know many people love dressing their dolls up and using face masks and makeup to complete their looks but I challenge you to go makeup/Stardesign hair (face masks, lips, etc only you can keep ur hair lol) free. Get rid of it and show everyone who your doll looks like! If you don't like the idea of this try it for a day!? Even if that's too hard I would appreciate it if you put the hashtag in your presentation and spread the word! That not all! Instead of spamming guestbooks, I challenge you to write a short paragraph to a doll(s) telling them that they look beautiful! Make sure you finish the paragraph off with # BeYOUtiful. I think we can make a change and if not at least make people happier! 


Yours always,


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