Tom Ford Tribute

1개월 전

Tom Ford's Fall 2018 collection was one of my favorites this past season, so I was super excited to finally see it on Stardoll! The collection saw a crossover between 60s and 80s inspired styles, with lots of bright prints, blazers, oversized jackets, and statement earrings. 

For my first outfit, I chose the purple leopard print leggings and pumps. I styled them with the headband, statement earrings, glitter sweatshirt, and mini handbag. The puffer jacket contrasts the glam pieces perfectly. With my next outfit, I created my own print inspired by the collection! I paired the tights with the matching pumps, and kept the rest of the outfit classic; the blazer, turtleneck, and skirt. To accessorize, I chose a pair of hoops, a matching silver bag, and some mini sunglasses. 

For my next outfits, I went for a classic glam style. With the blazer dress, these slouchy Saint Laurent boots are a perfect match with the rhinestone buckle! Next, instead of styling the silver blazer with the matching pants, I kept it as a statement piece and styled it with a classic black pair, and a turtleneck with bead detailing. Keeping the outfit simple, I added a silver bag and strappy heels. 

With my final outfits, I wanted to style the red animal print! With the first outfit, I went for an over-the-top look, styling the fur jacket, tights and pumps together. To break up the print I chose a classic white shirt and mini skirt. The sunglasses and bag are perfect pieces to complete the outfit. Lastly, I went for a casual look. I styled the jacket with a classic turtleneck and flared pants, the running stripe matching the outfit perfectly. I then chose the printed bag and platform sneakers.

Thank you for reading!