Let's Talk About Usernames

3개월 전

Recently, I was encouraged to write about myself a little more in order to let readers get to know the girl behind the doll better. The best way I can do that is through storytelling.

This post will be the first part of my Stardoll story series. (No, not that Stardoll City story, which btw, is still in progress) but MY own story about what Stardoll means to me after all these years.

So, how does my Stardoll story begin? It started with a username, of course! I joined Stardoll when it first launched in 2006.

I was introduced to Stardoll by a school friend, when I was a child through an e-invitation that gave new users 30 Stardollars for joining. That offer is no longer available now. I still remember the Paperdoll Heaven Dress UpsThe Show, and when the site first reached one and two million members!

Some of you may have known me a few years back under a few different usernames. As of now, I only actively play with two different Royalty accounts: this one and my other doll: AllDolledUp*, which just turned 12 years old on September 30th.

As a storyteller, my rooms tell the story of a doll's adventures in the Stardoll world, but my journey as AllDolledUp really began in 2014, when I began posting tutorials on my channel.


All Dolled Up is an English phrase that means to dress up, to doll up with make-up and decorate aesthetically. My friends call me ADU for short, as I love my username and privacy, and will keep it that way for the long haul.


Regret your username choice? If you desire to play anonymously and want to reinvent yourself, you may now purchase change of username vouchers. 

To change it, go to the "More Stardollars" payment page, and click on "Change Username." As long as you have a confirmed email address, you can pay to get your username changed to any nickname not already taken by another user for a small fee.

If you are happy with your username, don't change it. Just remember, bad or offensive usernames, and usernames that reveal personal information are not recommended or allowed.

So tell me Dolls, what is the story behind your username?