Songs with Substance 1 (Part Two)

5개월 전


"Why do we always have to mob deep
Why can't we show any femininity in our ways?
Why do have to always be so aggressive?
Why can’t we just be free?"

Just after the second verse, which is the beginning of the questioning of toxic masculinity, is the outro, in which Mondlane asks his "brothers" why things must be the way they are, and why "can't [they] just be free?"

Although things are getting better, toxic masculinity is an issue many people have to deal with every day. With songs like this, however, and even this website, which is so accepting of everyone no matter of their gender and whether they're "feminine" or "masculine", things can change. Today I ask you, to try and call out the people who make fun of guys for being too "girly," and if that's too scary for you, I ask that you try to comfort them afterwards, making sure they know it is okay for them to be themselves. Use your voice and actions for good, not to tear other people down.

Before I say goodbye, I'd just like to say how much I've been overwhelmed by all of your suggestions in the previous post. I appreciate them so much and hope to find time to listen to all of them! 

Lots of love, Alaska xx