One Stop Rules Update

10개월 전

Recently Stardoll updated the wording of the One Stop Rules to be more specific. What we may and may not do at Stardoll has not changed. Certain actions have always been against the rules. Stardoll changed the language to make things clear about certain transactions.
The tools available to members limit how items can be priced. No item may be sold for more than 600 in a single transaction. Some items can only be sold for starcoins. It is forbidden to sell any item for more than the tools will allow.
Negotiating multiple transactions is forbidden--this is what is known as making a "Private Deal." Members trade by making a deal that requires two transactions. "Private Deals" and trading are against the rules because some members have cheated others by making  "something for something" deals and then not completing their part of the agreement.
A member may sell an item in a single transaction for any amount the bazaar tools will allow. Members may reserve an item for another member.

Each kind of transaction that violates the rules has been listed to help everyone understand the boundaries. The simple thing to remember that any sale that requires more than a single transaction is not permitted. Please visit the Help Section and read the updated One Stop Rules.