A Golden Glow

12개월 전

Hello Stars,

Last Sunday the Hollywood Foreign Press presented the Golden Globe Awards. The film industry has long had a reputation for gender inequality but this year women on the A-list were speaking out and voicing what many women have been thinking for a very long time.

There is much more to the campaign called Time's Up than wearing a nice lapel pin. The focus is finding lasting solutions to give women a safe environment as well as a fair shake in the workplace. Equal pay is another issue that is being addressed. Women have accepted this unfairness in silence in order to keep their jobs.

During her acceptance speech Laura Dern said “May we teach our children that speaking out without the fear of retribution is our culture’s new north star.” 


When Oprah said “A new day is on the horizon” it filled my heart with hope that the future for all women will be safer, brighter and filled with opportunity.


Let us all work for this better world. You are all brilliant stars. Play safe and have fun.