Celebrating January

11개월 전

Since I’m a happy-go-lucky kind of person, I love celebrating everyday and making the most out of what I am blessed with. And along the way I have discovered that people around the world are actually celebrating something or the other every day and here's a list of a few dates in January that you can enjoy or celebrate in your own way (the actual list is quite long, kindly refer the web for it) -

2nd Jan - Sci-fi Day, Buffet Day

4th Jan - World Braille Day

13th Jan - Make your dream come true Day

15th Jan - Hat Day

18th Jan - Winnie the Pooh Day

21st Jan - Hugging Day

23rd Jan - Pie Day

26th Jan - Spouse's Day, Australia Day

27th Jan - Chocolate Cake Day

29th Jan - Puzzle Day

31st Jan - Inspire your Heart with Art Day

And for all foodies you'll be happy to know that this world celebrates food almost every day, kindly refer to my personal blog for all dates!

Hope you have a wonderful day ahead. x

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