Crazy dog lady

11개월 전

Moikka! Because I'm new on the StarBlog, you don't know much about me. If there's one thing you should know about, it's the fact that I'm the biggest dog person ever. As soon as I see a dog somewhere, I start smiling. Right now I have just one dog so today I'm going to be telling you some funny facts about him.

1. My dog is smart. He understands us in a few different languages. Besides languages, he can also do tricks if we just show him a certain hand movement. It's kind of like sign language but not really. He's also good at math (we've taught him some).

2. He likes classical music. We always put some classical music on when we aren't at home. He actually seems to like it. 

3. My dog loves snow. We live in Finland so we have a lot of snow here. My dog gets so excited when we go outside and there's plenty of snow. The weather can also get cold but he can easily handle -20 celsius degrees even though he doesn't have a thick coat of fur. 


One of these doggies looks just like my dog IRL. Can you guess which one it is?

-  Candy-8-

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