More Grammar and Help for Your Blog

47개월 전

Hello everyone! Beatrix here.

I'm back with some more grammar help for your blog! Lots of you have been very curious about what I mean by "good grammar" when I say that's what the Starblog is looking for. Now it's really not hard to tell that I am not a robot and I make my fair share of grammar/spelling mistakes.  

But what I really mean by "good grammar" is understandable grammar! Don't fuss too much over your spelling/grammar. As long as you use mostly correct puncuation, capitalization and make your words understandable to read, you're good to go!

It was not my intention to confuse you guys about that! Just make sure your writing has somewhat of a nice flow to it. Don't stress it too much! If writing is what you love to do; it'll come across in your writing and the flow will sound natural.

Generic Blogging Tips
-Title your article after you write it. Trust me, it's easier!
-Read over your article once or twice before you post it, so you have a chance at catching small errors!
-Ignore hateful comments. There's a difference between hateful and constructive, and you'll definitely know it when you see it!
-Don't underestimate the semi-colon ( ; )and dash ( - )!
-Please don't expect everyone to loooove your work. Don't try to please everyone with your articles, it'll make everything easier. Write for you, not for anyone else!


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